🔥Hot Sale🔥Travel 8 Piece Luggage Organize Set

🔥Hot Sale🔥Travel 8 Piece Luggage Organize Set

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This is an absolute must have when it comes to packing. Used for an international flight and it made packing so easy and so so organized! Don’t even hesitate to purchase because it is worth every penny.


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There is nothing more exciting than planning a trip. But, packing everything you need into a suitcase or duffle bag, only to later find your bag in disarray, can ruin any trip! It’s no wonder most people avoid packing until the last minute, only to forget essentials while away from home.

With the Travelrite Luggage Organizer Set, traveling can be a fun and liberating experience again! Any suitcase can now have everything it needs to stay organized and help avoid travel overwhelm. The only thing you’ll leave behind is worrying and luggage that will become a total mess mid-trip!

KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED - Our Luggage Organizer Set features an 8 piece set that assists in speeding up the packing process. Storing goods into different bags organizes essentials, making it easier than ever before to pack and unpack.

 FITS MOST SUITCASES - The Travelrite Organizer Set is specifically designed to fully utilize space by fitting into any standard luggage compliant suitcases. Get the most out of any suitcase so there is less fuss closing your bags, and more fun on new adventures.

 PREMIUM OXFORD CLOTH - Each bag is made with 100% premium oxford cloth, and breathable mesh cloth. Practical and beautiful, keeping clothes clean and wrinkle-free, Travelrite Luggage Organizer set ensures everyone has what they need while traveling.

 EASY ZIP-TECHNOLOGY - Easy two way zippers keep all belongings secure safe inside. This durable and built to travel Luggage Organizer Set is designed to bring convenience and peace of mind.

 STRESS-FREE PACKING - Worry less about packing for your next trip and more time planning unforgettable times. With the 8 Piece Travelrite Luggage Organizer Set, going out of town can be an enjoyable experience without stressing over your suitcase.


  1. Fille each container with personal items that travel well.
  2. Organize the containers inside the suitcase.
  3. Enjoy a stress free trip!

We understand how frustrating it is to begin a trip with everything neatly packed away, only to have a suitcase feel like it’s doubled in size by the end of the trip! No amount of folding, rolling, stuffing, or rearranging can change how poorly most suitcases utilize space. In a recent survey, hotels listed lost clothes and personal items as the top three items most guests leave behind.

With the TRAVELRITE Travel Organizer Set, travelers are taking a deep sigh of relief that they aren’t leaving anything behind with their suitcase neatly organized. With over 8 modular containers, there is a bag for the essentials everyone needs while traveling. Enjoy newfound peace of mind while traveling, with an organizer set that holds everything you’ll need and made to fit every suitcase!



Item Weight: 1.19 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎9.65 x 7.68 x 2.95 inches
Size: ‎8-Pack



  • 1x Large zipper top storage bin
  • 1x Medium zipper top storage bin
  • 1x Small zipper top storage bin
  • 1x Large drawstring laundry bag
  • 1x Small drawstring laundry bag
  • 1x Toiletry bag
  • 1x Square intimates bag
  • 1x Shoe zipper close bag



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